Meeting Room Signage

Meeting Room Signage

The ProDVX APPC-10DSQPL is the perfect Display for your Room Signage solution. This 10" Android Display comes with Power over Ethernet and LED Color Bars on the side. The LED lights indicate if the rooms are booked or free. At just one glance the availability of the meeting rooms are visible for everyone. Book your meeting on the spot or from your Outlook account. Easy does it! 

Features APPC-10DSQPL

  • LED Color Bars for Room Signage and Access Control
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • RK3188, Cortex A9, 1,6GHz, Quad Core processor
  • Robust eMMC Flash Memory
  • 10.1" High Viewing Angle IPS Panel
  • ​RJ45 LAN & WiFi

We also offer a Glass Mount to smoothly mount your ProDVX Display on every glass surface for a slick design.

ProDVX can provide the hardware, our partners can provide the Room Signage software.

Feel free to contact us or our distributors if you're interested in our products.

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